General Matwork Classes

General matwork classes are ideal if you have no specific health conditions that may affect your ability to exercise. The classes are small to ensure that each client receives individual attention, corrections and support to optimise their performance whilst exercising. The classes are taught at a range of levels to suit people’s physical level and Pilates experience.  Small props such as a resistance band, roller, swiss ball, wobble pad, inflatable overball or resistance circle will be used in classes to provide assistance or more of a challenge where needed. Classes are designed to provide a full and balanced workout, exercising the whole body and leaving it feeling more lengthened, strengthened and revitalised. Over time, participants should find an improvement in posture, coordination and balance.  

Classes last for 60 minutes.

£60.00 for a block of 6 or £12.00 drop in  (see t&c’s)

Beginners Foundation Session

To introduce you to the fundamentals and terminology of Pilates, a beginner’s foundation session is a pre-requisite to joining any of the general matwork classes.  

Session lasts for 60 minutes.

1:1      £45
1:2      £25 each
1:3      £20 each

Please Note: Even if you have practiced Pilates before we are keen for everyone to attend a beginner’s foundation session, as teaching practices and terminology can vary from teacher to teacher depending on their training institution.  However, if you have been practicing Pilates for a long time and have a good understanding of the fundamentals please call the studio to discuss what the best approach would be.

Easy Movers

A well balanced class with low to medium intensity exercises which are suitable for all fitness levels. 


Suitable if you are familiar with the principles of Pilates, and are ready for a bit more of a challenge.


Building up from Improvers and suitable if you have a good understanding of Pilates. A balanced, fast moving and fun workout designed for those with healthy bodies & up for the challenge!

Men Only

Pilates for Men addresses common problems that many men have including tight hamstrings and hip flexors, weak core and imbalances. It is also very challenging and will target muscles that you never knew you had!

Class Admission Policy

I Spirit of Pilates reserves the right to maintain safety within the studio at all times.  If a client is deemed physically unfit to achieve the level required for a specific class then Spirit of Pilates must be able to refuse admission to that class.

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