Pilates Instructors



Principal Pilates Instructor and Bowen Therapist of Spirit of Pilates 

  • A certified Pilates Foundation Matwork & Apparatus Instructor
  • Pre & Post Natal Specialist Instructor
  • Pink Ribbon Post-Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist
  • A certified Bowtech Bowen Therapist
  • Reiki 1  
  • Attends various training workshops each year with International Instructors to maintain a high standard of teaching in both Pilates and Bowen which include working with upper and lower limb pathologies, spine injuries, Parkinson’s and more recently Hormone Release and Scar Tissue release. 

Joanna was first introduced to the benefits of Pilates through the positive experiences of friends, who had gained significant health benefits with Pilates. Originally taking up Pilates as a method to tone up her body, she discovered that not only did it change the shape of her body in a very short time, but it released all the tension that she had been storing for years in her shoulders, neck and lower back.  It was this experience, together with Joanna’s desire to find a career which involved helping others improve their health and overall well- being, which led to her enrolling on a two year intensive matwork and apparatus course with Pilates Foundation.

Joanna went on to gain a Post Graduate qualification in Pre and Post Natal, and then later became a Pink Ribbon Post-Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist and a Bowen Therapist.

Joanna is passionate about teaching Pilates, and is keen to further her knowledge in rehabilitation and other holistic therapies.  She hopes that Pilates will have a positive impact on the lives of everyone who comes to the studio, by helping them to increase their self-awareness; to develop a healthier, happier body; and to move with poise, strength, and vitality.

Trained by the Pilates Foundation, who set the precedence in providing the highest quality training standards in the UK, and which is the only organisation that is recognised by the NHS Trusts Association in the Directory of Health Service Providers.  The Pilates Foundation is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the Pilates Method and providing the highest possible standards of training and teaching.  The foundation trains its teachers more thoroughly, and for longer than any other Pilates teacher training organisation.




Pilates Matwork and Reformer Instructor

  • Pilates Matwork Level 3
  • Pilates Reformer Level 2
  • Fitness Training and Sports Therapy
  • Personal Training
  • Pre and Post Natal Pilates
  • Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Neal Yard Remedies Organic Consultant

Amber believes the benefits of Pilates are endless and loves the way that it restores natural movement and improves the way you use your body and your muscles.
Over the 14 years that Amber has been coaching Pilates, she has particularly enjoyed working with people for rehabilitation and loves to see improvements in her clients’ postures and well-being, reduction in back pain and stress and increase in core strength and flexibility. Amber has trained with many Pilates training bodies over the years including The Pilates Institute, Modern Pilates and Balanced Body and continues to further her knowledge of Pilates and Health and Well-Being. As Amber’s passion for Pilates continues to grow, she looks forward to expanding her equipment practice and knowledge so as to further enhance her teaching.
“I feel honoured to be given the opportunity to work in this beautiful space that is Spirit of Pilates.”


Pilates Matwork Instructor

  • Pilates Matwork Level 3
  • Pilates Intermediate / Advanced

For Sarah exercise is her passion, she found Pilates after an injury and quickly fell in love with it. She noticed the benefits to both her physical health and overall wellbeing almost instantly. A keen hockey player and skier, she loves how Pilates equips her with the core strength and flexibility to enhance her many sporting interests as well as provide a low impact way of exercising the whole body. In her classes Sarah aims to provide a great work out that leaves you feeling toned, whilst feeling well stretched and relaxed.


Pilates Matwork & Reformer Instructor

  • Pilates matwork certificate with The Thoughtful Body 2014
  • Pilates remedial matwork certificate with Brigid McCarthy Pilates Studio
  • Universal Reformer certificate with Brigid McCarthy Pilates Studio
  • Working towards certification in the Hendrickson Method of Manual Therapy with Flexible HealingPilates 2019

Rachel offers a friendly atmosphere whilst sharing laughs, knowledge and enthusiasm throughout each session. Rachel believes that people need to feel and understand how their bodies work so that they can take skills from class and apply them to everyday life, helping them to stay safe and injury free.

If someone has a niggle, exercises are modified to suit. People are different, and what someone can do one week needn’t necessarily be true the following week; one size does not fit all. As each class progresses, mindful practice is encouraged to enable the client to stay engaged with the movement, and to find that little bit extra from within.
Rachel is very interested in the role of fascia within the body. As she teaches, students are encouraged to appreciate how fascia envelopes and intertwines throughout the body from toes to nose. Working on one part of the body can often have a noticeable effect somewhere else in the body.


Pilates Matwork Instructor

  • Mat Certificate BASI Pilates  

Clare knows first-hand Pilates is one of the most beneficial exercises you can do, and that when practiced with precision, as Joseph Pilates intended, it can enhance your body, mind and quality of life.
She has experienced the positive results of regular Pilates practice, for over a decade, and now shares her passion, and knowledge, to help others develop an awareness of their own body and practice with the integrity and control that makes the Pilates method so powerful.
Clare loves that the method is so inclusive, and movements can be modified allowing everyone to enjoy the experience and benefits, based around their own needs.
A certified Mat trainer with BASI Pilates (Body, Arts and Science International) Clare is keen her path continues to find inspiring leading Pilates Educators and more specialist courses.


Pilates Matwork Instructor

  • Body Control Matwork Level 3
  • Intermediate Matwork

Claire is passionate about health and wellbeing and decided on a career change after turning her life around for the better through a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.  She quickly fell in love with Pilates after noticing many personal benefits, and by practicing Pilates it helped her become more aware of her own body and helped with flexibility, core strength and relaxation. She decided to teach Pilates after realising how it can benefit anyone of any age and any fitness level to achieve their own personal goals. Claire enjoys being able to teach people better movement techniques and hopes to help those she works with feel more confident and healthier in their own body.

Claire teaches a class for the Airedale Hospital staff under the Spirit of Pilates umbrella and occasionally covers at the studio. 

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